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Bed and breakfast, B&B guadeloupe : offers a selection of 17 Accommodation, check out the reviews of the photos and description to make your choice. You can then book directly with the owner via the contact section of the listing. Enjoy a unique experience while rejuvenating. Sleep Homestay is the best way to visit the region while enjoying food and local products.

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Photo Kaladja
  Cottage living Port-louis  
Located in the north of grande-terre, the house « kaladja » offers a countryside environment (sugarcanes , windmills...) away from the big ...
Languages ??spoken : FrenchEnglishGermanSpanish
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Photo Caroucaira
  Bed and breakfast Le moule  
    1 Opinion

Photo Chez adé ( demi-pension inclus ...
  Bed and breakfast XXL Gosier  
Languages ??spoken : French
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La kaz  zak

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Photo La kaz  zak
  Bed and breakfast Deshaies  
Languages ??spoken : FrenchEnglishItalian
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Photo Un havre de paix aux antillles ...
  Bed and breakfast Gosier  
Exclusively for rent tourist and business travel three single rooms and breakfast for two to four people per room, with sea view and direct pool ...
Photo D.i.v.a - chez dora
  Bed and breakfast Trois rivieres  
Languages ??spoken : FrenchEnglish
Photo Au jardin des colibris - desha ...
  Cottage Deshaies  
Languages ??spoken : FrenchEnglishItalianGermanSpanish
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Photo Chambres d'hôtes
  Bed and breakfast Anse-bertrand  
Languages ??spoken : FrenchGerman
Photo Amarelao
  Bed and breakfast Terre de haut  
Photo Chambre dans belle vila + pisc ...
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