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Bed and breakfast, B&B cantal : offers a selection of 25 Accommodation, check out the reviews of the photos and description to make your choice. You can then book directly with the owner via the contact section of the listing. Enjoy a unique experience while rejuvenating. Sleep Homestay is the best way to visit the region while enjoying food and local products.

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Bed and breakfast, B&B (25)

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Le fromentou

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Photo Le fromentou
  Bed and breakfast Peyrusse  
Languages ??spoken : French
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Domaine de la vigne

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Photo Domaine de la vigne
  Bed and breakfast Saignes  
Languages ??spoken : French


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Photo Sandine
  Bed and breakfast Oradour  
Old house built in 1856, typicaly cantalienne, in a little village, at 1000 m high . 1000m2 with garden furniture, and for children.
Languages ??spoken : FrenchEnglish

Château de lescure

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Photo Château de lescure
  Bed and breakfast Saint martin sous vigouroux  
Photo La ferme de vazerat
  Bed and breakfast Massiac  
Photo Lou ferradou
  Bed and breakfast Saint etienne de carlat  
Lou ferradou is a lovely restored old farm that offers 5 comfortable bedrooms. all guests are welcome to share a home made dinner with francine ...
Languages ??spoken : French
Photo Le champ du trésor
  Bed and breakfast Pleaux  
Photo Château de la grillère
  Chateau Glenat  
Photo La maison de jeanne
  Bed and breakfast Thiézac  
Languages ??spoken : FrenchEnglishSpanishNetherlands
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Photo La chambre de roche
  Bed and breakfast Saint bonnet de salers  
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